Guitars Etc Welcomes Tom Anderson Guitarworks

Guitars Etc Welcomes Tom Anderson Guitarworks! Thank you so much to Tom & Roy over at Anderson. We are ordering guitars for slots starting in June. Call us toll free 1-888-GTRS-ETC or jump on the site ( to spec out your Anderson today!  Read More →

Varnish vs Lacquer Finish

We just got in an AMAZING Collings D2H with an Adi Top, Vintage now neck profile and Varnish Finish. links to Varnish guitars in stock: Here are some facts concerning Varnish Finishes: Varnish is a softer and therefore more flexible finish material. While there are subtle tonal advantages to the varnish finish, this option is not for everyone. Unlike lacquer, the process for applying varnish is not conducive to “finish touch-ups”, meaning... Read More

Waterloo Guitars IN STOCK !!!!

Founded by Bill Collings, Waterloo Guitars is a new line of vintage inspired guitars designed to capture the voice and character of some of the best economical guitars from the depression era. The Waterloo guitar line is a look back in time to when there was a genuine need for soulful tone that could be coaxed from simple instruments. The blues, country, and folk music played on these instruments was made in heartfelt response to the hard times of the depression era. It was music heard in work camps and barn dances, kitchens and honky-tonks, porches, street corners and churches. These musical styles... Read More

Bourgeois Guitars

Guitars Etc welcomes Dana Bourgeois Guitars Guitars on order: D (LS) – Large Soundhole Adir Top/ Braces/BK Bracing, Indian RW B&S,Waverly Nickel Tuners,1 3/4 nut width, Ebony traditional bridge June $6,320 D (LS) – Vintage Adir Top/Natural, Indian RW B&S,Waverly Nickel Tuners, 1 3/4 nut width, Ivoroid /Lg Soundhole, Madagascar RW head veneer, 14/21 Ebony Fret, No Fretboard Inlay, Ivoroid Fretboard Binding, 1 3/4″ Nut, Ebony Traditional Bridge 2 5/16 July $4,845 D (LS) – Country Boy Adir Top/Natural, Mahogany B&S, 1 3/4 nut width, Tortoise shell Body Binding, Ziricote head... Read More

Brazilian Rosewood

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Latino Callout

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